Self-awareness and Authenticity – Tuesday 13th December 2016

Self-awareness and authenticity are core skills needed in the modern workplace.
Self-awareness is when one takes the time out to reflect on their experiences and understands how they influence them as people.  A self-aware person does not ignore their own weaknesses and know how they must improve on them.
Authenticity is when a person is genuine and real and acts upon their own likes and dislikes, rather than trying to copy others.  An authentic person asks for and listens to honest feedback and says what needs to be said, rather than what other people want to hear.


These CPD courses have been identified as being recommended for the development of chaplains of any faith (in any sector), faith leaders, youth workers, community workers and anyone who works in a social/welfare/pastoral capacity.  In addition, it is open to anyone who is interested in furthering their personal and professional development.

The rationale for this series of CPD courses is to enhance the skills of practitioners who are in the coalface of one to one support.

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