Chaplains, with training and support through AMCed will be able to enhance their skills. By improving the standard practice of chaplains, AMCed will, in turn, be supporting young people in becoming better citizens. By developing a higher standard of chaplaincy through support, advice, training, seminars and networking, AMCed will raise awareness of the association’s aims to serve educational institutions, students, staff and the community, which will in turn promote community cohesion.

AMCed have been delivering training since 2008. Their first course, Dialogue Facilitation Skills, was a three-day course, attended by participants from the private and public sectors. AMCed have further delivered training at a number of universities in England.

Currently AMCed is developing an online Introduction to Muslim Chaplaincy course for new or experienced chaplains and anyone interested in learning more about Muslim chaplaincy. More details of the online course here.

AMCed has developed a series of six CPD courses, which have been identified as being necessary in the enhancement of Muslim chaplains in any sector, chaplains of other faiths, faith leaders, youth workers, community workers and anyone who works in a social/welfare/pastoral capacity.

The rationale for this series of CPD courses is to enhance the skills of practitioners who are in the coalface of one to one support. The topics can be found here.


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