Chaplaincy provides a valuable service to both students and staff by offering support, guidance and encouragement to everyone in the institution regardless of belief. Chaplains provide confidential pastoral support, moral and social care, spiritual direction, advice and guidance on matters related to faith and religion to students and staff. They also aim to engender a positive atmosphere, support the exploration of beliefs and ethics and are there to listen to you and chat with you in a non-judgemental, supportive manner. Chaplains also offer hospitality, friendship, a listening ear, alongside spiritual and personal guidance.

Chaplains seek to:

  • offer everyone an unconditional welcome
  • offer spiritual and pastoral support to students and staff
  • promote mutual respect and dialogue
  • assist students and staff in the pursuit of their spiritual aspirations and in their faith
  • facilitate prayers and the celebration of religion
  • encourage an awareness of, and participation in, faith observances and practices

Are you thinking about the meaning of life and life’s bigger picture? Chaplaincy is here to support you through this process of exploration.

There are a number of different activities for Muslim students, which are organised through various Muslim societies including the Islamic Society in British Universities.

Share the message of Islam with those who are interested in finding out more about Islam

  • Organise events, lectures on various topics both Islamic and not, Islam awareness week, football matches, hijab day, henna time and more.
  • Strengthen the brotherhood and sisterhood by fostering a conducive environment for Muslims to fulfil their duties
  • To strive to act in accordance with the injunctions of the Qur’an and Sunnah.
  • Weekly reminder classes, Arabic or Qur’an classes

Muslim chaplains support the activities of the student societies as long as they conform to institutional policies. You can contact a chaplain via email or telephone

What students say about Muslim chaplaincy

Dear …
Jazak’Allaahu Khayran (May Allah reward you with good) for all your hard work and effort in aiding the Muslim students at … We ask Allah to accept your efforts and to be Merciful, Generous and Gracious to you and your family!
From the Islamic Society members


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